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Re the claim that "90% of all mass shootings happen with illegally possessed guns": That is just an outright lie. Shame on you if you made this nonsense up! And if you just repeated the lie from another source then I hope you will disregard that source in the future.

Between the years 1980 and 2017 significantly more than 60% of the mass shootings have been committed with legally obtained weapons.

Regarding the statistics you quote: Overall gun violence is of course a red herring when it comes to data about mass shootings. Ever heard of bayesian thinking? duh!

But that's a usual pattern for people arguing a weak position: Making false claims and weak arguments, and when pressured about that nonsense quickly change the topic to something else.

If you want to argue from data, then argue from the relevant data, not pick some unrelated data and claim that it is a good proxy for something else! Otherwise everyone will see that you don't know what you are talking about.

Let's look at relevant data: Can you spot the point in time in the graph below at which the Assault Weapons Ban expired?

My analysis of that data set in Jupyter Notebook can be found here.

Regarding your final point: Yes, mentally disturbed individuals are at the core of the issue. Namely people who are victim to the mass delusion that there is no link between mass shootings with large numbers of fatalities and easy access to military grade weapons.

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